A Master of Go

An iOS Go app with neural network of ELF OpenGo
Finally iPhone support!(univeral app)

"Zhong Kui" by Tsukioka, Yoshitoshi

An AI with keen instinct

Facebook, Inc. released ELF OpenGo on May 2018, which had won 14 games had not lose against top Korean Go players. "A Master of Go" uses improved version (v1) of neural network of ELF OpenGo.
The search engine in "A Master of Go" was implemented faithfully accoding to AlphaGo Zero paper by DeepMind Technologies Limited, and includes original ideas about unpublished parts.

Amazing 170 playouts per second!

170 playouts per second on the latest iPad Pro(A12X Bionic)! It does not reach 1600 playouts per second by ELF OpenGo on V100, which beat Korean top players, but surpasses the notebook PC and is comparable to the desktop PC.
In the case of 9.7-inch iPad Pro(A9X), about 10 playouts per second. In the case of A8(processor in iPhone 6), about 1 playout per second. Both are also strong enough, but if you case number of playouts on your iPad, please check performance of your processor before purchase of the app.

Game mode and study mode

You can play with this AI stronger than professional players, though it is too strong to play even match.
More useful is the study mode. Its looks like Lizzie, which is a GUI for Leela Zero and now many professional players are using.
You may play with your Go friend on study mode referring candidate moves by the AI.

Primary variation on study mode

"❶②❸④" button toggles variation sequence mode and you can see primary variation in which you select a candidate.

Slide Over support

It supports Slide Over. So for example, you can study a game seeing it on "WBaduk for iPad".

Split View support

It supports Split View. So for example, you can sutdy a game seeing it on SmartGo or watching a Go program on YouTube.
(SmartGo supports SGF copy, so you can alo paste and study it.)

Play with SGF 1

You can open an SGF file in "File" app and "Dropbox" app by "A Master of Go".

Play with SGF 2

You can paste a SGF string and study or continue a game. For example, you may copy a SGF string on you Mac and paste it into "A Master of Go".

Play with SGF 3

You can export SGF of a game just before via share button in main menu.

Magnifying glass UI

Magnifying glass UI let you to play a move without mistake even if on iPhone display.

I use many libraies and materials for this app. Thank you so much. Especially special thanks for the followings.
I developed the engine referring Pyaq code. Thank you.
ELF OpenGo
The engine of this app uses the verion v1 of weight of nerual network of ELF OpenGo. The app would never achieve the strength without the weight. Thank you.
I make the looks of the study mode same as Lizzie's. I appreciate very much that featurecat kindly permitted me to use the design. Thank you.